Saturday, November 20, 2010

November catch-up

Hi all

Well it's been a bit longer between posts than anticipated but I have some pics to share! Not as many as I thought I would though as I have had a touch of vertigo this past couple of weeks which has not made it easy to stitch! Anyway, here.s some pics of what I managed this month so far.

First up I finished my wip of The Trilogy - Family
Stitched as charted on 28ct bone jobelan with DMC, WDW & GAST. Stitching completed November 4, 2010

Next up was an ornament for an exchange I'm in. I decided on La D Da's 'Tis Red from the 2010 JCS ornament issue. It's even "finished" now too!

Stitched as charted on 28ct antique white monaco with DMC #4210. Stitching completed November 12,2010.

Here's a pic of it "finished" which I did yesterday. Hope the recipient likes it!

I also finished a couple of other items yesterday, here's some pics:
JBW Christmas star 2010 JCS ornament issue. Finished as a pillow ornament.
This pic shows the backing fabric and glittery gold ric rac I used for both ornaments. Love this ric rac!! Need to find some more!

I also finished my Just Nan Horrified into it's whimsy frame. Here's a pic:

I did get the sewing done on a couple of other items but need to add trim & hangers to them yet, so no pics just now.

Last night I finished another ornament. LHN's Happy Skater and I plan on starting the companion, Merry Skater tonight. Here it is:

Little House Needleworks - Happy Skater. 2010 JCS ornament issue. Stitching completed November 20, 2010. Stitched as charted on 32ct raw belfast with DMC. Mill hill beads 00557 substituted for gold dmc stitches.

Well that's all for me today. Once again, thanks for reading my blog, please leave a comment if you have a spare moment.

Happy Stitching


Saturday, October 30, 2010

The final spooky finishes

Hi all

Well I guess it's fitting that today being halloween I post pics of what is no doubt my final spooky finishes for this year! I also managed to finish a wip and an ornament too! So here's some pics of what I have been up to since my last post.
Lizzie Kate Hocus Pocus Stitched with DMC, GAST & WDW on 28ct hand-dyed lugana. Stitching completed October 2010. I had to get a bit creative with this one on the bottom border as I mis-counted.

Just Nan - Horrified Stitched as charted with DMC on 32ct cobblestone linen. Stitching completed October 2010. Will be put in a whimsy frame.

Shepherds Bush - Halloween (from House Haunting leaflet)

Stitched on 32ct sand belfast with DMC & GAST. Ghost button to be added on tombstone row. Stitching completed October 2010. This one was fun to stitch, it was charted for 20ct fabric. I swapped out quite few of the colours on this. The border was supposed to be black and the words orange, I felt it needed some purple!

Jeanette Douglas Designs - Heart Collector

Stitched as charted on 32ct antique white belfast with GAST, WDW & Needle Necessities. Stitching completed October 27 2010. This was my wip from Valentine's Day this year, thought it was about time I finished it!

JBW Designs - French Country Star Stitched with DMC 4210 1x1 28ct ant. white monaco JCS 2010 ornament issue. Stitching completed Oct 2010. This one was fun & quick to stitch! I started it and finished it on the same day, doesn't happen for me much lately!

I'm currently stitching on another of my wips that has been languishing for far too long, Trilogy Family! For such a small piece it sure has been a lengthy process, think I got bogged down on the mountain but as that's now all done the rest should go fairly quickly. Here's a pic of how I left it the last time, no new pic yet as I hoping the next pic will be a finished one!

Well that's enough for me today.

Happy halloween to all



Monday, October 4, 2010

Some more spookiness & a tiny finish

Hi all
Been a while, totally forgot about posting last weekend, darn facebook games! As a consequence not much stitching has been happening but I did manage a couple of small finishes and yesterday took advantage of the long weekend and got some finishing done on a few other pieces.

Here's my latest spooky finish, this was a fun piece to stitch. I started it and finished it the same day. Plan on doing the "finishing"on it today

Lizzie Kate - Eek! scissor fob Stitched as charted on 28ct hand-dyed lugana. Stitching completed September 20, 2010.
Next up is another little finish (which will also be "finished"later today)
Just Nan - Winter Violets Stitched as charted on 32ct opalescent lugana from silkweavers.
Stitching completed September 2010.
Here's the results of my finishing spree:Just Nan - Fraidy Frog pillow ornament,fabric in background is what's on the back.

Blue Ribbon Designs - Perched On A Pumpkin. Felt backed flat ornament

Hillside Samplings - Come In For A Bite - pillow finish
Plum Pudding Needleart 4 Bats & A Cat.
Biscornu finish with pumpkin bell embellishments. For some reason blogger keeps posting this pic sideways. I tried uploading it 3 times but each time was the same result, guess you'll have to turn your head on the side to see it properly :o)
Last but not least, here's Shepherds Bush - Scaredy Sheep Scissor Fob, finished as per kit instructions.
Well that's all for me for today, I'm currently stitching on Lizzie Kate's Hocus Pocus and hopefully it will be done soon. Also want to get some more finishing done as the finished box is getting a bit full! Christmas ornaments might have to be next on the list!
Thanks for looking and happy stitching!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

4 Bats & A Cat!

Hi all

Here's my latest spooky finish, I plan on making this into a really big biscornu with some cool pumpkin bells on the corners having been inspired to "copy" the finish seen on another blog. I have left the alphabet off (even though it was cool lettering) as didn't think it would work properly with the finish I had in mind. I also changed the thread used for the pumpkins to GAST Bittersweet.

Plum Pudding Needleart - 4 Bats & a Cat

stitched on 28ct antique white monaco. Stitching completed September 15, 2010.

I haven't stitched anything for the past couple of days so plan on kitting a couple more autumn/halloween charts up today so they are ready to go. Of course I should be stitching on my wips but they can wait.

Thanks for looking


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scaredy Sheep!

Hi all
I finally remembered to scan my finished Shepherds Bush Scaredy Sheep fob. Of course it's not "finished" finished yet as I haven't had a chance yet, hopefully this weekend!

Here's a pic, please excuse the wrinkles as I haven't even ironed it yet!

Stitched as charted with kit supplies. Stitching completed approx. August 5th, 2010.

Back to more Autumn/Halloween stitching!

Edited to add: I finally remembered to correct the typo in my blog title! It had been bugging me for ages!!!



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween finish

Hi all

Just a quick post for today.

Here's another Halloween finish from the JCS halloween ornament issue. This one was a nice quick one and only involved 3 colours:

Ink Circles - Full Moon

28ct grey linen, stitched with DMC & GAST.

I recently finished Shepherds Bush - Scaredy Sheep Scissor Fob but need to get a pic of it.
So look for a few more spooky finishes as I am on a real Halloween kick at the moment, my most recent start is Plum Pudding Needleart's 4 Bats & A Cat.

Happy Stitching


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Been a while....

Hi all

Been a while since I posted between getting sick, too sick to even stitch, and then trying to catch up on stuff I haven't had a chance to post. Once I got back to stitching after being sick, I have managed to actually finish a couple of small projects and before I got sick I did make some progress on one of my wips so here's some pics.

Wip progress:

Just Nan - Needle in a Garden

Progress as at August 22, 2010.

Ornament finish:

Country Cottage Needleworks - Season of Love

stitched as charted on 32ct belfast completed August 14 2010

Halloween finish

Blue Ribbon Designs - Perched on a Pumpkin

stitched with charted DMC on hand painted lugana. Completed August 21, 2010.

Well that's if for me, I've just had to change the background on here as for some reason my old one disappeared!

Happy Stitching all


Saturday, July 3, 2010

A finish & some wip progress!

Hi all

Forgot to post this little finish last week so here it is:
Shepherds Bush - Santa's Coming

Stitched as charted with Crescent Colours on 28ct "rustic" linen

Stitching completed June 26, 2010

This past week I have been working on my Chatelaine Watergarden wip after a friend asked how I was progressing on it! Thought I had better make some progress as it had been a while since I had touched it! So here's my measly progress for this week:

I've been working on the left hand side and finished the lilies and have started on the corner garden bit. I also got some of the beading done on the centre portion. There are gold beads all the way round and I have about a quarter to go on them!

I plan on working on this a bit more as I'm enjoying it so hopefully my next pic will have more progress.

It's school holidays here now and whilst I only have an extra day off each week, my girls will be staying at the in-laws so I might have more stitching time of an evening! We plan on seeing Eclipse at the movies tomorrow though which should be good! Might do a bit of shopping too, as a reward for them both for getting excellent school reports!

Back to the stitching now! As always, thanks for reading.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ornament finish & w.i.p progress

Hi all

Well this past week or so I have finished a tiny ornament which was a freebie from It's no longer available, but they have some other nice ones there.

"Rudolph"freebie from the Stitcherhood

Stitched with 1 strand Silk Mill silk over 2 on 32ct antique white lugana.

I've also been working on one of my w.í.p's, Elizabeth's Designs In The Garden of my Heart. Here's my progress so far:

I also got some early birthday stash from an order! My first real stash order for the year! Here's a pic of my goodies!Here's what I got: Plum Street Samplers - Thirteen Owls, Jeanette Douglas Designs - Autumn Biscornu Stackers & Mini Silver Needle Stitches & Shepherds Bush - Winter Snows & Spring Glows. I'm waiting on the buttons for the 2 Shepherds Bush charts, they were on back order.

Saturday I am going to a big craft show with a bunch of stitching friends, should be a great day and without a doubt more stash will be purchased!!

Well I'm off to stitch on something now, thanks for seeing what I've been up to!

Happy Stitching



Saturday, June 5, 2010

I've been busy

Hi all

Well I've been busy lately and have a few finishes to share amongst other thing!

A couple of weekends ago I caught up with a good friend who is also a stitching buddy from Scotland who's in Australia visiting her family. We didn't get to go to any LNS's as they were all closed, so decided to find some antique shops instead! I managed to pick up this great "flower frog"for my scissors, actually my friend purchased it for me as a really early Christmas present! Here's a pic with my latest 2 scissor purchases!
Here's a closer pic of just the flower frog
Here's some pics of my latest stitching finishes.Eventide Designs - By The Sea needleroll

Stitching completed May 2010. Stitched as charted with DMC & Mill Hill beads on 28ct Bay leaf jobelan. Charm from stash substituted for charted button. The finishing has been done on this too, pic below. It's for an exchange and I love it so will definitely be stitching it again for me!The Sweetheart Tree - Holly ornament (2009 JCS ornament issue)

Stitching completed 2nd June, 2010. Stitched with charted DMC on 32ct antique white lugana. Blackbird Designs - Tulip Border stocking (May)

Stitching completed June 5, 2010. Stitched with Crescent Colours - Pea Pod & Needle Necessities #148 on 28ct tea dyed monaco.

I also manged to get the finishing done on the 2 needlerolls I stitched recently.

Shepherds Bush - Bee Hive needleroll

Finishing completed June 5, 2010

Eventide Designs - By The Sea Needleroll

Finishing completed June 5, 2010.

Well that's all from me for today. I plan on stitching up a little freebie ornament tonight and then getting back to my wip's.

Happy Stitching all



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm so slack.....

You know you haven't posted for a while when blogger asks you to sign in again! Sorry for the longer than intended absence folks, I was away the weekend before last which was when I planned a post! As a bonus I actually have a finish to share instead of just an updated w.i.p pic!

Here's what I've been working on for the past few weeks:

Just Nan - Needle In A Garden - 2 more bands finished

Jeanette Douglas Designs - Heart Collector - a band and a half finished
Indigo Rose - Forget Me Knots needlebook - finished except for the backstitched edging needed to whip stitch for finishing.
Here's my finish, Drawn Thread - Morning Glory
Stitched as charted on 34ct cafe au lait linen with recommended silks.
Stitching completed May 22, 2010.

And here's what I'm working on at the moment, it's for an exchange I'm in and hopefully will be finished tonight or tomorrow! Eventide Designs - By The Sea needleroll.

Thanks for looking hopefully my next post won't be so long in coming!

Happy Stitching all



Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I've had a lovely day although no stitching yet!!! Had lunch at the mother in laws after opening my pressies and have just sat down now before getting dinner ready! Hope all the Mum's out there had a great day and everyone else too for that matter!

No stitching pics to post at the moment as I haven't had a chance to scan any of my projects! Barely any progress was made on a few of them anyway this past couple of weeks, was sick with a cold for 1 week which meant I didn't feel like stitching much. What stitching I have done has been on my wip's. I worked on Indigo Rose Forget Me Knots, the needlebook is basically done now, did a couple of Bands on Jeanette Douglas Heart Collector and Just Nan Needle In a Garden and last night I picked up Drawn Thread's Morning Glory. It's still on the q-snaps so I might end up working on it some more tonight.

Happy Stitching all

Monday, April 26, 2010

A couple of quick finishes

Hi all

Well this past week has been very productive! I managed to start & finish 3 new projects! Of course they were all small!

First up is my ornament for this month.

Carousel Charts - Do you see what I see?

2007 Gift of Stitching magazine ornament issue.
Stitched as charted with DMC on 28ct tea dyed monaco.Stitching completed April 18, 2010

Then I started a needleroll from Shepherds Bush.

Shepherds Bush Beehive Needleroll
Stitched as charted with kit supplies
Stitching completed April 20, 2010

And last, but not least, my first Blackbird Designs piece!

Blackbird Designs Small Token
32ct "Primitive"hand-dyed linen from silkweavers
Stitched as charted with recommended Crescent Colours.
Stitching completed April 25, 2010

Not sure what I will tackle this week, maybe back to my wip's but maybe another small new start is the go! Will definitely be back to my wip's when May begins though!

Today I planned on visiting my not so local LNS as we had to drive right past it to visit some friends. Much to my disappointment it was closed!! I guess that will teach me to check & see if they are open on Monday's which are public holidays won't it! So no new stash for me still!!

Thanks for all your comments on my previous finishes and as always, thanks for taking time out of your day to see what I've been up to!

Happy Stitching all



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some wip finishes!

Hi all

Well time got away from me again and I missed posting last week! As a consequence I now have 2 finished wip's to share with you!! Both of these were started in January 2009 and I am pleased to cross them off the wip list!

First up is Shepherds Bush Spooky Spots:
Shepherds Bush Spooky Spots
Stitched with kit supplies (32ct Autumn Blush linen, AVAS, SNC & Gloriana silks). Stitching completed April 10, 2010
Next is a freebie from Passione Riccamo - Winter 2008. This one gave me no end of trouble for such a small piece! I lost count of the times I had to frog sections on this one! Here's a pic:
Passione Riccamo - Winter 2008 freebie
Stitched with charted DMC on 32ct Reflections Powder Blue belfast linen from silkweavers. Stitching completed April 16, 2010.
I started this month's ornament last night and should have it finished today, then I might reward myself for finishing 2 wips with a new start from the stash!!
Thanks for looking everyone
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An Easter Finish & some more wip updates!

Hi all

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and that the bunny brought you all plenty of chocolates!!

This weekend I decided I needed to stitch something for Easter as I haven't had too many Easter related finishes in the past. I decided on The Trilogy - Happy Bunny Bunny Day after seeing it on someone elses blog! Here's my version:
Stitched as charted on 28ct "dirty"cashel linen with WDW. Buttons from stash. Stitching started April 2 and completed April 5, 2010.

This past week I also made some progress on 2 of my wip's, one was my valentine's day start which I realised I hadn't previously posted a pic of!! Here's my wip updates:

Jeanette Douglas Designs - Heart Collector

This is scanning a bit pinker than it really is but at least you can get the general idea. I'm stitching this as charted with a combination of various hand dyed threads. It uses WDW, GAST & Needle Necessities. Fabric is 32ct Antique White belfast linen.

Elizabeth's Designs - In the Garden of my Heart

This piece was the last of my guilt-free January starts. I haven't shown this one before either but the previous pic would have been pretty boring as it was just border boxes. Fabric is 32ct lambswool jobelan and threads used are WDW & DMC.

Well that's all for me from this past week, had a couple of nights without any stitching so not as much progress as I would have liked but at least I made some progress!

Not sure what will be on the agenda this week but it will be back to the wip's for me!

Thanks for checking out what I've been up to!

Happy Stitching