Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sorry it's been a while....

Hi all

Sorry it's been a while since I posted! I see I didn't even make one in November!! Been so busy with work and home life that just haven't had a chance, even my stitching has slowed down!! I did manage a couple of finished for November. Here's the pics:

First up is Just Nan's Fraidy Frog from the JCS Halloween Issue:
And finally Raise The Roof Designs - Snow Daddy which is a gift for a work mate!

Well that's it for me today, short & sweet!! Can't wait for holidays in 3 weeks!

Happy Stitching


Saturday, October 31, 2009

A finish

Hi everyone

Well this past week was not productive at all! Working back every night did not help the stitching one bit. I did manage to finish the ornament I needed for an exchange though and have just now done the "finishing"on it too! Decided to go with a pin keep finish as it's a big big for a tree ornament, least I think so anyway.

Here's a pic:

Helga Mandl - Just Add Snow

Fabric: 28ct opalescent "butterscotch glitz"lugana from silkweavers

Stitched as charted with DMC.

Stitching completed October 29, 2009

The fabric in the background is what I've backed it with. Will send it with a little stand so the recipient will have a way to display it.

Last week Alison asked for the name of my new gingher scissors, sorry I forgot to add that in the original post. The mutli-coloured ones are the new Elena design and the green ones are called Sarah.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it. We don't but I love to stitch Halloween designs, go figure! Didn't get any done though which is a bit annoying, so I am now going to focus on my current wip of Shepherds Bush - Spooky Spots.

Happy Stitching all



Saturday, October 24, 2009

A finish & scissors, scissors everywhere!

Hi everyone

Thanks for your comments on my last finish, it was a fun piece to stitch! Let me present you with my latest finish, Victoria Sampler - Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm. First here's a close-up of the final section:
and here's a pic of the whole piece:

Victoria Sampler - Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm

Stitched as charted, fabric 28ct hand-dyed jazlyn from Country Stitch, stitching completed October 22, 2009.

I succumbed to some new scissors the other day, how could I resist with our $$ being so good at the moment and the tempation of ginghers calling me! Here's a pic of my latest additions:

And here's a pic of the majority of my collection, there are a few pairs not here which are in projects! My DH said to me the other day when I told him about the new scissors, why do you need so many scissors? My response was, "need" has nothing to do with it, lol!!! DH is very good about my stash purchases and never says anything about them.

Well that it's for me this time, thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I need to do an ornament for an exchange and then I will either start some halloween stitching, which is really tempting me, or focus on another wip! Maybe I can accomplish both of these at the same time as one of my wip's is a halloween piece. We will have to see I guess, whatever calls the loudest will be answered, lol!

Happy Stitching all



Thursday, October 8, 2009

A finish!

Hi all

Well here's what I've been stitching on this past week, I saw it on someone's blog (sorry can't remember who it was) and just had to stitch it!

The Primitive Needle - Earth Sampler

Stitched with GAST & WDW

Fabric: 32ct Belfast "Primitive" from Silkweavers

Stitching completed October 8, 2010.

I discovered an error in the key for this piece but I had almost finished it so just went with how it was except for stitching the rabbit in WDW Chestnut. This was a fun piece to stitch!

Now it's back to my VS Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm as I would really like it finished soon!

Happy Stitching all



Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catching up...

Boy it's been a while! I didn't realise how long it has been since I posted here, time sure does get away from you! Here's bunch of pics which will show what I've been up to this past month! First up is my only finish for the month, it's Hillside Samplings - Come in for a Bite!
Hillside Samplings - Come in for a Bite
Stitched as charted with kit materials - 32ct Northern Cross natural linen, WDW & DMC.

Next up are some progress pics.
Victoria Sampler - Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm

Passione Riccamo - Winter freebie
Papillon Creations - How Does Your Garden Grow.
This one was an inherited w.i.p from my dear friend June who passed away in February last year, losing her battle with breast cancer.

Ink Circles - Blackstone Fantasy Garden

Here are a couple of new starts to celebrate me being 2 years cancer free!

The Drawn Thread - An Open Heart

The Drawn Thread - Morning Glory

Next up are a couple of pieces I managed the "finishing"

The Drawn Thread - Little Acorn Learning Band Sampler
(waiting on the bellpull end for this one)

Drawn Thread - Random Thoughts
This one has been waiting for me to do the hem stitching since 2006! It's good to have it finally done and hanging on the wall!
I've also recently updated my trade list - you can see the link in my side bar. Feel free to drop me a line if you are interested in anything!

Well that's enough from me for now. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, hopefully I can post a bit more frequently!
Happy Stitching

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some finishes & some stash!

Hi all

Well I have a couple of finishes pics to share and some stash that I bought at the Stitches n Craft show yesterday! First up here's the finishesPrairie Schooler Snowman Ornament freebie card 2008 Stitched with DMC as charted.

Midnight Stitching Quaker Acorn 1&2 finished into an Acorn shape!

Stitched as charted with Dinky Dyes silk #151 Nabilla

Here's the stash I picked up yesterday. First up is a chart & some crescent colours & some Canadian hand dyed silk & silk ribbon

Next up are 3 boxes of fancy trims that I couldn't pass up! They were $20 for a box of 27 spools and as I couldn't choose just 1 colour I had to get the 3 boxes I loved the most! First up is the Plum box the pic makes some of them look pinker than they are, they are all mostly a really beauitful plum/purple colour.Next is the Pink box
Last is the Cream/Gold box And here's the final pic, this piece was a Round Robin which was finished years ago, I finally got around to making it up into a pillow for my step grand daughter who loves Disney Princesses. It was originally planned for my girls, but they are a bit beyond the Disney Princesses now.

Well that's all for me today, tonight Rachael (eldest daughter) & I are going to see Pink! in concert which should be great! We are expecting to be a bit on the deaf side tomorrow, lol!

Happy Stitching all


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just a quick note...

Had to pop in quickly, no new pics for today but I had to let you know that Mel is having a super blogiversary giveaway to celebrate 8 years of blogging! Here's a pic of her giveaway prize

I hope to have a finish to show you tomorrow!



Sunday, August 16, 2009

Been a while....

Hi all

Been a while since I posted here. Work has been hellish and I haven't felt like doing much of anything. Anyway, things seem to be slowing down and I have a couple of little finishes to share. First up is Little House Needleworks - Reading

Stitched as charted on 25ct Antique White lugana Stitching completed 3 August 2009

Next up is my latest finish from last night, it's an exclusive retreat piece from Midnight Stitching and is the first in the set of 2 that I plan on stitching. It's Quaker Acorn

Stitched as charted on 32 count grab bag lugana from Country Stitch with Dinky Dyes silk #151 Nabilla. Stitching completed August 15, 2009.

That's all for now but hopefully it won't be so long between posts. I need to show you all the wonderful piece I received in a recent exchange and just as soon as I take a pic I'll do just that!



Monday, July 20, 2009

A productive week...

Hi all

Well this past week was relatively productive. I managed to finish an ornament freebie that I had been wanting to do for a while and I even finished one of my wip's!
First up is the ornament freebie. It's actually a biscornu chart, I just added a hanger to ornamentify it! Chart was from here I'm not sure if it is still available or not. Here's the pic:

Stitching completed July 16, 2009

Stitched as charted with DMC Color Variations #4210 Fabric: 32ct white belfast

Next up is a pic of my finished w.i.p, Jeanette Douglas Designs - Winter Stitches. I'm stitching all 4 together on the one piece of fabric, so far I have Autumn & Winter done.

Stitching completed July 19, 2009 Stitched as charted with accessory pack threads, fabric 36ct sand linen.

Here's a pic of both Autumn & winter together

Well that's it for this week, next weekend I'm away with some stitching friends, we have rented a house for the weekend and plan on some serious stitching time as well as other fun activities!

Happy Stitching all


Sunday, July 12, 2009

A finish or two!

Hi all
Meant to post last weekend and time got away from me, but now I have more to share, so here goes!
First up, I finished one of my wip's Drawn Thread Little Acorn Learning Band Sampler
Fabric: 32ct cream Belfast, Threads: Needlepoint Inc silks

Next up I got some finishing done on a couple of items, first is my Just Nan - In the tin Hop needlebook scissor fob

Next up is the Cat's Whiskers Pink ribbon Scissor Keeper. This was pretty fiddly to finish but I love the results! The lining fabric I used is white with little pink ribbon symbols on it.
Here's an ornament I finished for an exchange. It's kind of my own creation but I took some of the elements from other ornaments in one of the JCS ornament issues. This was the first time I made my own tassel too! I can't show the back yet but you'll just have to believe me that it's stitched too, lol!

Stitched on 32ct antique white belfast, with DMC, kreinik #4 braid & mill hill beads.

And hot off the needle is my latest finish. I got this one finished last night, it's Just Nan Over The Top - Sizzle.

Stitched as charted on 28ct Meadow mist cashel with recommended DMC.

Thanks for looking, I'm hoping for some wip pic updates next time!

Happy Stitching


Friday, June 26, 2009

A finish or 2!

Hi everyone
Well this past week or so I finished up a piece for a biscornu exchange, finished up this month's ornament and picked up my dragon heart from the framer's! Here's the pics!
Barbara Ana Designs - Halloween Biscornu
28ct hand-dyed jubilee - Colours Down Under

Val's Stuff - Christmas is a Time To Share

2008 JCS ornament issue

Stitched as charted on 28ct unknown linen

Black Swan Designs - Dragon Heart framed
Close-up of frame & mat including filet.
For now it's back to the wip's although I am sorely tempted to start something new and may just have to succumb!
Happy Stitching all

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have been stitching......

Well a bit anyway, but not as much as usual. Been distracted by computer games of late! Here's a couple of finishes from the past 3 weeks.

First up here's Just Nan - Joyous Ark which was stitched as charted.
Next up is The Sweetheart Tree - By The Sea Sampler, stitched as charted from kit supplies.
Finally is a little Indigo Rose freebie - Spring Garden. I swapped out the blue thread for a darker purple as the blue just wasn't showing up on my fabric, which is 28ct waterlily jobelan.
It was my youngest daughter's 9th birthday last Thursday and as she was having a party, a cake was required! She requested a rainbow butterfly please Mum! Here's a pic of the cake mix in the tin prior to baking and a pic of the finished product! Cake decorating is not really one of my skills but she was happy!

Well yesterday was spent in very pleasant company indeed and a great day was had by all. I went to the annual Sydney Quilt & Craft Fair yesterday along with Anne, Alison, Karen & Row. Many laughs were had and some very yummy cakes were enjoyed at the Lindt Cafe afterwards. Thanks for a great day ladies!!

Happy Stitching all


Friday, May 22, 2009

Some w.i.p progress

Hi all

Well my visit to the LNS last weekend was really not that exciting. This LNS is so frustrating, you can never find any charts and what you can see is old! They are good for threads & fabric though, which is the main reason I went! I picked up a few pieces of fabric, a couple of Mill Hill ornament kits, an OOP (think it's OOP anyway) Just Nan chart for a friend and my girls picked up a little kit each too. I needed some white belfast for a project, whilst I has 32ct lugana I really wanted linen for this piece, it's the pink ribbon scissor slide by the Cat's Whiskers which Janine sent to me, along with the matching scissors. I finished the stitching up last weekend and had planned to do the finishing this weekend but I need some skirtex first. a nasty headcold this week kept me from the planned visit to Hobby Sew to pick this up so I guess it will have to wait a bit longer now! Anyway, here's a pic of the stitching, it's really quite lousy as my scanner doesn't like white fabric so I have had to darken it up a bit so the stitching was visible as the thread colour is really soft and pale.

Prior to stitching this, I had been working on my New Years start piece, Victoria Sampler Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm, here's my progress as at last weekendThis time around I stitched the band containing the deer and the over one wording.

This past week I've been home from work all week, first couple of days my daughter had a cold then she shared it with me and I spent the last 3 days home sick myself! Managed about 2 hours at work on Thursday before they sent me home! Was good for the stitching and I picked up my Chatelaine Watergarden w.i.p which hadn't seen any progress for a while. Here's the before pic and the after pic.

Well that's all for now, not sure what I'll be stitching on this weekend, DH wants to go to the movies tonight to see the new Star Wars flick so guess I won't be getting much done today!

Have a good weekend all

Happy stitching