Friday, May 22, 2009

Some w.i.p progress

Hi all

Well my visit to the LNS last weekend was really not that exciting. This LNS is so frustrating, you can never find any charts and what you can see is old! They are good for threads & fabric though, which is the main reason I went! I picked up a few pieces of fabric, a couple of Mill Hill ornament kits, an OOP (think it's OOP anyway) Just Nan chart for a friend and my girls picked up a little kit each too. I needed some white belfast for a project, whilst I has 32ct lugana I really wanted linen for this piece, it's the pink ribbon scissor slide by the Cat's Whiskers which Janine sent to me, along with the matching scissors. I finished the stitching up last weekend and had planned to do the finishing this weekend but I need some skirtex first. a nasty headcold this week kept me from the planned visit to Hobby Sew to pick this up so I guess it will have to wait a bit longer now! Anyway, here's a pic of the stitching, it's really quite lousy as my scanner doesn't like white fabric so I have had to darken it up a bit so the stitching was visible as the thread colour is really soft and pale.

Prior to stitching this, I had been working on my New Years start piece, Victoria Sampler Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm, here's my progress as at last weekendThis time around I stitched the band containing the deer and the over one wording.

This past week I've been home from work all week, first couple of days my daughter had a cold then she shared it with me and I spent the last 3 days home sick myself! Managed about 2 hours at work on Thursday before they sent me home! Was good for the stitching and I picked up my Chatelaine Watergarden w.i.p which hadn't seen any progress for a while. Here's the before pic and the after pic.

Well that's all for now, not sure what I'll be stitching on this weekend, DH wants to go to the movies tonight to see the new Star Wars flick so guess I won't be getting much done today!

Have a good weekend all

Happy stitching


Friday, May 15, 2009

This week's update..

Hi all

Well This week has been a fairly good week stitching wise. I managed a couple of finishes and the highlight of the week was receiving this wonderful scavenger hunt exchange parcel from Jennifer Thanks Jennifer for a wonderful parcel, I just love everything you sent!
Here's some close-ups of the goodies and the gorgeous pin keep Jennifer stitched for me!
Now here's a pic of a framed finish I picked up from the framer's a couple of weeks ago. It's Heinzit Designs - Wine and is framed in the recommended frame. This is a gift for my eldest brother who loves his wine!
Here's a pic of my first finish for this week, it's Just Nan's In The Tin - Hop needlebook fob and is the matching partner for the tin I finished last year. Now I just need to do the "finishing"on it! It's stitched as charted but not on the recommended fabric. The fabric I used was a remnant and I have no idea of the colour, it is 28ct lugana though. Stitching was completed on the 10th May I think!
Here's my latest finish. This is Serendipity Designs - Blackwork Star and it's from the 1998 Just Cross Stitch ornament issue. This is my May ornament. It's stitched as charted with DMC on antique white lugana, 32ct I think! I finished the stitching on this last night and am still deciding wether to attempt to sew it into a pillow with my sewing machine or to add another border and whip stitch it by hand. I finished this last night, May 14.

Well that's all for me for now. I'm planning a trip to the LNS this weekend with my 2 girls as it's their annual May sale! Perfect excuse I say! That and my DH is off camping!

Happy Stitching all


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some stash & a finish

Hi all

Well I've been a bit absent as my kids got me side-traked playing this game called Virtual Villagers! What a time waster it is! Amusing though, that's for sure. So for about a week there I didn't put a single stitch in!

Have managed a bit more of late although no update pics yet! Today I even started something new to kick start the mojo a bit, Just Nan's In The Tin - Hop Needlebook fob. It 's only little so shouldn't take too long to stitch up. Otherwise I've been working on my VS Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm and have almost finished part 4, just a bit more of the over one lettering to go, then I'll post another pic.

I do have a couple of pics for you this time around though, wouldn't be the same without a pic or two now would it!

Here's a stash order I made the other day when I was bored at work! Courtesy of ABC Stitch and their clearance page as well as a few other additions! No affiliation etc etc...
Just Nan Over The Top Snow & Grow, Just Nan Wicked & a Just Nan Bell pull.

I also did th e finishing on a fob, this was my ïn the car"project so took longer than it would if I had done it at home. I filled the fob with some of those plastic pellets which are normally used for filling bears, they work well and give a good weight to the fob too. Thanks for the tip Lynne! Here's apic of it attached to the Kelmscott Love scissors which have been waiting for a fob for a while now!

Heart in Hand Wee Flowers scissor fob.

Well that's all for now, hopefully it won't be quite as long between posts!

Oh, almost forgot, I was asked by one of my readers which project was my favourite or if I indeed had one. I don't really have a set favourite and tend to enjoy whichever project I am stitching on at the time.

Happy Stitching all