Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hearts for valentines...

Hi all

Well as last week began with Valentine's Day I decided it was time to give some attention to one of my wips, Drawn Thread's An Open Heart.

Here's where I was at before:
Here's where I'm at now:I'm so glad to have finished the heart at the top, it seemed to take me forever!!

My 12 days of s.e.x exchange is now over, here's a pic of my goodies, all Halloween goodness! This was such a lot of fun and an exchange I will definitely participate in again!
This week I am working on one of January Crazy challenge pieces, Lizzie Kate's Snowman '10. I'm hoping he will be finished soon!

Thanks for looking and your comments are much aprpeciated!

Happy Stitching


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some w.i.p progress & more exchange goodies!

Hi all

Well as promised here's my wip progress for this week, it's a bit pathetic really but I worked back a few nights this past week so that's my excuse :) This week I managed the small garden box on the right hand side, the one below it and a bit of the border.

The 12 days of s.e.x exchange continues, here's what I got for days 3 & 4. There is a definite theme to these gifts & I am just loving it!

Day 3 - various Halloween ribbons.
Day 4 - Haunted house photo holder, can be used to hold small stitched pieces too.

Well that's all for me today, I'll endeavour to post more progress & exchange pics this week.

Happy stitching



Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm back..........

Hi all

Well now I am back to work my stitching time has been drastically reduced but nevertheless I have some pics for you! Some are from the last week in January before I went back to work.

First up is another finish from my crazy January challenge:
Meet Ozzy!
The Cat's Whiskers - What A Hoot!
Stitched as charted with recommended DMC.
Stitching completed January 2011.

Next up are some progress pics on a couple of other crazy January pieces:

Victoria Sampler - Christmas Treasures
progress as at January 31, 2011
Blue Ribbon Designs - Autumn Leaves & Sunflower Seeds progress as at February 4, 2011

Last weekend I hosted a get together at my house. A lot of fun was had by all, some stitching was done & we even managed a couple of finishes! An amazing feat as usually there is too much laughter & chat to even stitch! I am so glad we have airconditioning as it was the hottest day of the summer here and was still 36C outside at 6pm! Thanks to all who came, we need to do it again soon! I didn't manage any stitching as was chatting too much but after the ladies left I managed to kit up a piece for a SAL I participated in. I started him on Sunday afternoon and finished him on Monday night! Just love him!

Heart in Hand - Leggy Snowman

stitched as charted with DMC
28ct Smoke Linen
stitching completed February 7, 2011

I'm currently participating in a 12 days of S.E.X exchange with some friends and we started opening parcel on the 10th, here's my first 2 parcels, I'm sensing a definite theme here!

Day 1

Day 2

I'm currently working on on of my previous wips as I'm hoping to get some of them finished this year too, at the moment it's Elizabeth's Designs - In the Garden of my Heart. I'll try and post a progress pic tomorrow.

Well that's enough from me for today, if you've stayed with me this long, thank you!!

Happy Stitching