Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some finishes & some stash!

Hi all

Well I have a couple of finishes pics to share and some stash that I bought at the Stitches n Craft show yesterday! First up here's the finishesPrairie Schooler Snowman Ornament freebie card 2008 Stitched with DMC as charted.

Midnight Stitching Quaker Acorn 1&2 finished into an Acorn shape!

Stitched as charted with Dinky Dyes silk #151 Nabilla

Here's the stash I picked up yesterday. First up is a chart & some crescent colours & some Canadian hand dyed silk & silk ribbon

Next up are 3 boxes of fancy trims that I couldn't pass up! They were $20 for a box of 27 spools and as I couldn't choose just 1 colour I had to get the 3 boxes I loved the most! First up is the Plum box the pic makes some of them look pinker than they are, they are all mostly a really beauitful plum/purple colour.Next is the Pink box
Last is the Cream/Gold box And here's the final pic, this piece was a Round Robin which was finished years ago, I finally got around to making it up into a pillow for my step grand daughter who loves Disney Princesses. It was originally planned for my girls, but they are a bit beyond the Disney Princesses now.

Well that's all for me today, tonight Rachael (eldest daughter) & I are going to see Pink! in concert which should be great! We are expecting to be a bit on the deaf side tomorrow, lol!

Happy Stitching all



cathymk said...

Lovely finishes as usual Amanda! Those trim boxes are fabulous!! Good stashing!

venus said...

Those trim boxes are beautiful..
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Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.