Saturday, December 6, 2008

No pic this week.

Hi all

Well I haven't got a pic for this week as I've been stitching on a piece for a friend and as she reads my blog, I can't post the pic here, cause I don't want her to see it, lol!!

Needless to say, it wasn't one of my existing wips!! I also had another new start, The Sweetheart Tree - Celtic Cross, not much done yet so will post a pic of it later.

Had a great day yesterday with some stitching friends and also met some patchworking ladies. Was a lovely day of chatting, eating & a bit of show n tell!

Today I need to get all my christmas decorations up so that it starts to feel a bit more like christmas around here!! May even get a few pics later.

Happy Stitching all


Anonymous said...

Aw, no fair - we wanna see it!!! ;P Oh well, we'll just have to be patient a bit longer ... ;) Thanks again for your company on Saturday - great fun as always!

Kath said...

Met your stitching buddy - or one of then yesterday Amanda, very cool and she is lovely. Over here with her Mum.