Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some framing pics!

Hi all

Well after my regular framer closed down over 2 years ago now, I have finally found another decent framer! Dropped off 5 pieces last month and picked them up last weekend. Here's some pics!!
Here's Chatelaine - Mini Mandala #2
Mirabilia - Halloween Fairy
Mirabilia - Blossom Harvest
Jeanette Douglas Designs - Prairie West Sampler
and finally Legends of The Dragons - Teresa Wentzler, Black Swan Designs & Dragon Dreams
Happy Stitching all




cathymk said...

They are all gorgeous Amanda! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm gonna have to get the details of your framer - he did a fantastic job of all of them! I can't pick a favourite, as each frame suits each piece perfectly! :D

Anonymous said...

They all look fabulous Amanda! Congrats. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone! They were done by Gunst framing in Bomaderry. He does all the framing for Sew n Tell in Berry too. Reasonable prices too I might add :)

Irene said...

WOW they all look wonderful !!