Friday, March 5, 2010

January 1st piece progress & exchange update

Hi all

Well I have finished the 4 stitched squares for my exchange piece and plan on doing the other 2 sides this afternoon , and hopefully "finishing" it tomorrow or tonight! Here's how it looks so far

Stitched as charted apart from the beehive, I subbed WDW whiskey for the DMC. Threads used are WDW, GAST & DMC. Stitching completed March 4, 2010.

Next up is my progress on my January 1st piece, Just Nan's Needle In A Garden, I'm just over a quarter of the way on this one now.

Well that's all I've managed the past 2 weeks, been putting in long hours at work as we have been so busy. Bonus is, I will get a couple of days off from the extra hours!

So far my no stash buying is going pretty good, I've only succumbed once and grabbed an Ink Circles designs ornament - Reindeer Huddle! I'm still getting my JCS mags too. Going to a craft show with some friends next week though and I'm sure I'll find something I can't live without!

Well that's it for me, need to go stitch the other 2 squares for my cube so I can get the finishing done!

Happy Stitching all



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