Friday, January 7, 2011

Catching up!

Hi all

I hope the new year finds you all healthy, wealth & wise and that you all had a wonderful Christmas (if celebrated).

I guess I have no real excuses for being absent so long except for work, home etc being extremely busy leading up to Christmas and then I've been away as well visiting my parents in Victoria. I also got to meet up with a fellow stitching blogger which was a nice surprise! Hi Jo!

I decided that I would participated in the crazy challenge that a lot of people are participating in, 15 starts in 15 days to be completed by years end. As I usually partake in guilt free January this will work well for me. The challenge was to start a new project each day for 15 days, I have missed a few days as was busy with family activities and driving home from Vic (10 hours) was not conducive to stitching either so I am a few days behind already. The 15 will be started by the end of the month though! Here's my list so far:

Victoria Sampler - Christmas Treasures (started Jan 1st)
Mill Hill - Charmed Santa Faces - Father Frost (started Jan 2nd)
Just Nan - Tulip Time (started Jan 3rd)
Shakespeares Peddler - Sampler Roundy (started Jan 5th)
Lizzie Kate - Snowman '10 (started Jan 6th)
Lizzie Kate - Christmas Spirit
Ink Circles - The Huddle
The Cat's Whiskers - What A Hoot
Blue Ribbon Designs - Autumn Leaves & Sunflower Seeds
Just Nan - Frost on the Pumpkin
M Designs - Floral Sampler
Shepherds Bush - Halloween Grins
Homespun Elegance - Christmas 2010 freebie (Blessings to all)
Jeanette Douglas Designs - Spring Stitches
LHN 2010 monthly ornaments (I have 10 more to do and will start at least 1 but haven't decided which one it will be yet)

I finished up my Jan 1st 2010 piece just before I left on my trip, Just Nan's Needle In a Garden, fitting that it was both my first start & my final finish for 2010. Here's a pic, sorry it's not the best as it's from the scanner, I'll post some close-ups later along with pics of my challenge new starts:

Well I must go as have some chores to do but look for another post soon with some more pics and a round up of my 2010 stitching. I'm on holidays now for 3 more weeks so should have some time on my hands for a change!

Happy Stitching all



Aussie Stitcher said...

Hi Amanda, it was lovely meeting you, and seeing your wonderful stitching, I hope we can catch up again one day. Enjoy your time away from work, no doubt there will be lots of stitching and tennis watching.

Karen said...

Congrats on your finish! It is really pretty. Good luck with the challenge!

Giovanna said...

Hi, good to see your blog pop up in the Reader :-)
The JN finish is lovely, congratulations!